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San Maw Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd.

Seals (including oil seals, V-seals), washers, gaskets, plugs, packing, O-rings, boots, and other rubber products for various applications

 San Maw Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd. was set up as a sole proprietorship in June 2005 to design and manufacture rubber seal products. The company carries out all of its production processes in-house, prioritizing “accountability, quality, innovation, and service.”

 San Maw supplies diversified rubber oil seals (semicircular), U-/V-seals, washers, gaskets, plugs, packing, boots, O-/H-/U-/X-/R-/D-rings, and products with special specifications for industrial, automotive, powered two-wheeler, electronic, mechanical, and healthcare applications. Its monthly output is around 3 million units.

 The company’s O-rings come in AS-568 and JIS-2401S (P, G, S), as well as made-to-order, specifications. Packing comes in all shapes and sizes: pads, strips, tubes, beads, and models based on custom designs. Assorted rubber bathroom fittings and check valves are also available.

 Using mainly NBR, EPDM, NR, ACM, R, SBR, JNR, silicone, Viton, and PU in its production, San Maw regularly introduces innovative products and special, exclusively developed materials. Boasting quality guaranteed products with ISO 9001, RoHS, and REACH certification, the firm exports 70% of its output, mainly to the U.S. and Europe.


 \The latest production and quality inspection equipment allow San Maw to carry out integrated production from material sourcing to design, extrusion molding, quality control, and assembly to packaging and delivery. The company also offers rubber and metal-bonded rubber products on an OEM/ODM basis, and welcomes joint-production orders from industries of all kinds. 

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 Export Market:Global
Business Type:Manufacturer